Tips for conserving plywood

Present in the life of the Brazilians since the 1940s, the panels are formed by a series of overlapping wood panels, usually joined by adhesives or resin, using a pressure or heat method to fix them together. Because it is a versatile wood, the plywood is used in the most diverse furniture of Brazilian homes.

By having the pressure distributed in the opposite direction when the plates are compressed against each other, they are able to distribute better the weight that is put on them, ensuring a much more stable structure for a long time.
However, to ensure that your mobile will last much longer, it is important to understand how you can keep your plywood in different ways.

Tips for conserving plywood

Today, we will put together a number of important tips for you to understand how to make your plywood-based hardwood furniture last much longer, and assist you in conserving and storing that material to prolong its strength.

1. Storage of plywood

To ensure that you will store your furniture or even your wood properly, buy large plastic sheets. These plastic sheets will serve to protect all your furniture or plywood pallets from moisture, which can easily lead to rot and mold. Always overlap the edges if you are using more than one sheet of plastic.

If you are storing plywood pallets, it is best to stack them horizontally, always placing the largest pieces underneath and the smallest pieces on top. The pieces below, if they are not damaged or frail, will certainly support the weight.

2. Balance in distribution

Regardless of the furniture you are going to use, it is important to always correctly distribute the weight of the items so that it will not suffer damage or wear over time. Although the plywood is a much more durable material than other woods like MDF, it is important to take this care to ensure that it does not suffer from the constant use of heavy objects on it.

This point is most relevant when using a series of heavy materials for a long time on wood items, such as in a cabinet or table that supports electronic equipment. The balance of the weight facilitates the maintenance of the furniture and prevents it from suffering over the years, thus reducing the risk of turning and breaking the wood with its constant use.

3. Avoid sun, moisture and dirt

The ideal is to always keep wood, especially the unprotected and treated for it, in a drier place, not only when it is storing, but during its constant use as well. Avoid direct contact with water or moisture, and keep furniture away from windows so it does not rain or become too wet.

Beyond this point, it is also important not to let the wood sunbathe, mainly directly, for long periods. If your position leaves you sunbathing too much, it is important to switch so that the wood does not dry, suffer damage over time, and lose its durability more quickly over the years.

Finally, dirt can damage the wood over the years, and make it difficult to maintain its state. Therefore, it is important that you always clean your plywood furniture well, preventing it from suffering from loss of quality over the years.