The designer Talita Demartini Gomes, Tatá.

The designer Talita Demartini Gomes, Tata, delights in her fruit collection. In the studio with a mix of workshop, in the Makers Shed, in the neighborhood of São Geraldo, she "plants and cultivates" her orchard, a result of scraps of pieces from the largest furniture made for her brand, Ksulo.

Much of the decorating line products are executed with offsetting - the exception in this report are the smaller berries, which are made of pinewoods.

In addition to the paint with water-based paint, a spray varnish is applied to protect the creations, which in some cases have the strokes demarcated with the help of fry pancake.

- I like the person to have contact with the material that is part of the structure of the pieces. So I do not paint the whole surface or leave the sides showing well the layers of the compensating - explains.